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So, hey there Internet. How's it going? You know how two months ago I said that I'd take pictures of some pots that I made and post them for you?

Well, I lied. I lied HARD.

Not only have I not posted pictures of them, I haven't even photographed them yet. Do you know where they are? They're on the shelf above my camera, not ten inches away from it. Have I used my camera since then? Absolutely. I've taken pictures of my cat, of a hideous cake I made, and of a puffy mold growth the size of a tennis ball.

Do you know what else I've done? I bought a pretty decent airbrush. It's a Paasche VL double action. I have a compressor for it. I have paint. Can you guess how much I've used it? That's right, I haven't.  $330 worth of equipment, and it's unused. It's a good thing I only spent about $160. That way it's only a moderately expensive waste.

I hereby resolve to finish the things that I have started. I'll be back in a month and a half to tell you about my failure to do so, and all the other projects that I've started and abandoned in the mean time. (Notice how I didn't do any of the "future works" that I mentioned in January? I sense a pattern.)

Also, I'm putting up a picture of a ceramic coffin I made in mid 2006. I don't have the good pictures of it, so it's pictured next to a new coffin that I was making. The picture was taken around March, I think, maybe earlier. The date from the camera is wrong.
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james-nara Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
get your but in gear StoatLad!!! I know what you do for work, and you don't have any good excuses!!!
well, except for fatigue...
sortitus Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008   Interface Designer
So, I disappeared to Phoenix for a week. Sorry about that. I got a call Monday at 4:10 asking if I could be ready by 4:45, so how could I resist? Hangage-outage is now available again.

In other news, I understand the not following through. All too well in fact...
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